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Founded in 2019 by Samuel Davis

StrengthLab407 is based in the heart of South West London, Wimbledon Park. Sam created and founded the lab intending to have a private and intimate site that brings together actual scientific-based practice replicating elite sporting environments with the real world—creating a miniature performance center in SW19.

The vision was to bring a professional element to the general public’s training, and create a professional training environment for athletes in the area. This vision still stands true today and is in full motion.
Not only do we, as a team, serve the general public and local athletes, we also work with athletes across the globe, particularly in athletics and motorsport.

Whether you are an amateur track and field athlete looking to take their performance to the next level, or a high-performance individual wanting the best care for your body, or just a structured strength and conditioning format, you have come to the right place.

Whatever the goal, we are here to help.

StrengthLab407. Performance. For Life.